It may seem strange to many, but gamblers are some of the most superstitious people in the world. They believe in literally everything, take into account various omens, find lucky charms and so on.

Some signs have been around since long before the first online casinos even existed. Others have become popular and relevant only now. We will tell you about the most popular bad omens.

Popular bad omens

Some people only become superstitious in certain situations. This gives them extra reassurance as to whether or not they are doing the right thing.

If you ask players if they believe in omens, and which they consider to be the worst, most of them will recall such superstitions.

  • You should not get excited about your first win. The first win should not be taken too emotionally. There is no mention of the 2nd, 3rd and subsequent wins;
  • Do not look in the mirror before playing. It will turn your luck away. When playing online casino games at home, some players even purposely close the mirrors in the room;
  • It is forbidden to count money before you start playing. It is a guarantee that you will lose;
  • Do not lend money to players. It will take away your luck and winnings. You can, however, borrow money from someone if you believe superstition. It will attract good luck;
  • The sound on your phone should be turned off. A sudden ringing of the phone may scare away your luck and attract bad luck. For the same reason, when playing online casino games, it is better to seclude yourself in a room and keep children and pets out;
  • You can't cross your legs. Otherwise you will be out of luck. For the same reason, do not whistle or sing during the game;
  • Do not play on a dirty keyboard. If there are breadcrumbs or food crumbs stuck in the keyboard, the winnings will be very small;
  • You must not stop the game if you have started to win. It is not even allowed to go to the toilet. Although the logic of the slot machines says otherwise;
  • There should be no change near the computer. Otherwise all your winnings will consist of pennies. It is better to play near a safe or a wallet filled with large denominations of money.

Whether or not to believe in these omens is a personal matter.

It is important to realise that gains do not always depend on the cleanliness of the keyboard or on which side of the monitor the light falls on.

To win at an online casino, you have to learn the rules, try different strategies and be cunning and resourceful.

But no one forbids believing in omens either. Play what you think is right. It's your money, your bets and your wins. It's all up to you. Learn to enjoy playing online casino games.